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Dean Hallett is an Archaeology postgraduate researcher from the University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He undertook his Bachelor of Arts Degree (with Honours) at the University of Melbourne majoring in Medieval History, and, Classics and Archaeology. He also used the oppurtunities that study and life presented him to travel extensivly through Greece, Turkey, Italy, The Republic of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Dubai, Singapore, New Zealand and California in the US.

He is currently undertaking his Ph.D in Archaeology and writing his thesis on the dissemination of chariots across the Ancient Near East and into the surrounding regions such as the Aegean and Transcaucasia. The aim of the research project is to try and better understand the often overlooked and not yet fully understood nature of the spread of chariots, chariot technology and chariot iconography among many cultures in the Anceint Near East and neighbouring regions during the Middle Bronze Age to Early Iron Age.

He lives on the edge of suburbia and bushland on the fringe of greater Melbourne and is passionate about archaeology, history, ancient languages, historical re-enactment, the environment, wildlife and travel.

If you would like to ask me any questions or get in contact, feel free to email me at <>