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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Starting My Ph.D

Over the past few weeks I have undertaken the daunting but exciting task of commencing research for my Ph.D. My thesis topic is about the dissemination of chariots and chariot technology between cultures  in the Ancient Near East, and beyond into surrounding regions such as the Aegean and Transcaucasia, in the Middle Bronze Age to the Early Iron Age. It is an exciting work in progress and follows on from my earlier Honours thesis on the development of early chariots and their use in ancient warfare. I've been very busy but having a great time and feel there is a real welcoming and supportive Academic and postgrad community. As I'm settling in, here is some photos of my nice surrounds where I study in castle (looking)  Old Quad building (the international 8 hour work day started after strikes on the construction of this beautiful gargoyle-adorned sandstone building commenced in 1856) at the University of Melbourne.

Here are some images of some decorating we did in the office.

And when I look up, I have a lovely dome to ngaze towards the heavens - except it's been blue tacked up there.

The mighty clock tower of the Old Arts building, where I have my  coursework units.

And some of the views from within the castle of Old Quad.

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