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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Recent Happenings at the Ian Potter Museum of Art

Recently, I have just set up an account to follow the work of leading academics, network with archaeologists and hopefully put up a few of my own academic works in time. You can search for me on there.

Speaking of which I have just sent off my first academic article for publication, VERY EXCITING (well for me anyway) on wagons, chariots and animal traction.

Uni wise, I have temporarily got my very own office and am loving every moment of it...thats right not just a desk, but a real office. I've also given a few presentations to current Classics and Archaeology Honours students about considering their options for further study, a few consultations and run a pottery (sherd) workshop at the Ian Potter Museum of Art on an assemblage of Khirbet Kerak ware (secretly, I must confess this is one of my favourite pottery wares which I wrote a major essay in my Honours year on), mostly small bowls and drinking vessels, from late Chalcolithic Ahar  اهر East Azerbaijan Province, Iran.

I also had a very nice evening at the official launch of the Secret Lives, Forgotten Stories: Highlights from Heritage Victoria's Archaeological Collection at the Ian Potter Museum of Art. This fascinating exhibition brings together a range of pieces from the grand and historic to the small and very personal offering insights into Victoria's colonial era past. Many have never been available on display to the wider public before. The exhibition is free, daily, so if you are about Melbourne then I would definitely suggest coming to have a look.

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